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June 12, 2011 / Jahed

Uninstalling Akamai Net Session Interface

This post has moved to my new blog. It’s been left here for convenience. You can find the latest version by clicking here.

A while back I realised there was a new option in my Control Panel named ‘Akamai Net Session Interface Control Panel‘ (long name, I’ll just call it Akamai). I googled through pages and pages and found it to be a peer-to-peer service that runs in the background.

To check if it’s running in the background, simply open up Task Manager and check your services for ‘Akamai’. You can disable the service from running automatically by simply running “services.msc” and changing the said service’s properties. It’s also a running process via ‘svchost.exe‘.

However, that long annoying option on Control Panel still remains so I set out to remove it. Google didn’t help. It gave me simple solutions such as uninstalling from ‘Programs and Features’ (where it’s not even listed) or running uninstall.exe (which just crashes). So, I checked everything out and found a solution. Use this method at your own risk. Oh, and no fancy pictures since the entire method is about typing lines.

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